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Long Trainings

1-2 days (8 or 16 hours)

Presentation & Public Speaking

Speaking well in public is a powerful, almost unfair competitive advantage. Someone who can connect with the audience members, engage and excite them, all while delivering a valuable message will build relationships and succeed over and over again. 

This is a skill that can be learned.

Please understand that the training you will get does not offer any kind of 'standard' solution. Through training hundreds of people, it's more than clear to me that you will succeed as a speaker when you understand how to use who you are and what is natural for you. This training does not try to change who you are, but just gives you the tools and confidence to express yourself honestly at the highest quality. 

Since public speaking is not about the theory, prepare for a highly practical session where you and your fellow students or colleagues will grow together and see just how many great ideas are already floating around in your life just waiting to be expressed. Whether your goal is to speak effectively at work, sell ideas so people are persuaded, or just give the wedding speech that makes a special day even better, you will find your success here. 


How do you and your team communicate? Are you often on the same page and clear in how you interact? Would you like the clarity that puts effectiveness and efficiency foremost so everyone you work with feels happier and more satisfied with you?

This training will give you the experience and understanding necessary to reach your potential. Understand phrasing, non-verbal cues, filters, expectations, giving and receiving feedback, clarifying and resolving issues.  Realise why some people always understand you but others are always a struggle to convince. Get to know how often issues build up from misunderstanding that could be resolved simply and kindly if only people were more aware. 

Become the great communicator you know you can be.


We all want to have win-win discussions with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Why do so many struggle to find this? With this training you will understand the principles and fundamentals of negotiating. You'll learn how to leave people happy at the same time as you're happy. True win-win requires courage, conviction and commitment to relationship building. Be the person who succeeds here.


Short Trainings

(2-4 hours)

Do you need an edge in skills but can't spare the time away from work for a long training? These short trainings are ideal for busy professionals and allow you to both practice and receive feedback with just a 2-4 hour time investment.

Presentation Skills

Shaking and nervous at the thought of standing up in front of people to speak? It's time to change. This training gives you the fundamentals that good speakers need and let's you put them into practice by presenting and receiving personalised feedback.

Running Meetings

In many jobs meetings are among the most frustrating time wasters. Change that by understanding what a meeting is, what it needs and how to run it so everyone saves time. Turn meetings into shorter and more productive experiences that people value.

Team Communication / Team building

The working world is filled with teams, many of whom are missing simple aspects to take them from average to good and good to great. Help your team connect and unlock their potential with this training.

Giving feedback

How do you say it so someone takes your suggestion on board without getting upset? Feedback is a gift but if given wrongly can often be rejected. Learn how to give feedback and how to make it constructive and meaningful to others.



All of the trainings above lend themselves well to longer term coaching where skills can be learned, practised and honed over time. Should you prefer one to one coaching over a period of time then please do not hesitate to get in touch.