I've never had such a passionate trainer in a course – it was very interesting, informative and also funny. I attended some similar courses during my studies and had heard about some concepts you showed us, but I think your special strength is to see and focus on the little details which matter. I think you have a brilliant insight into human nature and in this short time you managed to analyze our personalities which is important to help us to improve our skills. I also enjoyed the group works and role plays because you can practice what you heard in theory. Thank you for a perfect training and I also can’t wait for our next course.

- Christof Scherr, Siemens


Attending this development program was by far the best experience in my professional career. This was not only due to the brilliant and ambitious participants in this training, but also the content and leadership of our lecturer Peter were essential parts of our success.

Peter was a true leader and inspiration for all of us. He gave us no chance to stay average. In the most non-pushy way he managed to squeeze all of our potential out of us in every activity and exercise we did to practice the theory. With his passion, knowledge, talent, positive attitude and ability to listen he supported and motivated us to cooperate and help each other within the group. In the end, this was the most important thing for our personal development.

The training content was very interesting and suited our needs. Peter was well prepared for the training, but also was able to improvise when he was challenged by us. He is a very skilled speaker and a great presenter. His "cockroach speech" will remain unforgettable. It would deserve recording and sharing with broader population. For myself, the whole training was inspiring and very energizing. It uncovered many unknown spheres and brought ideas for my professional and private life as well. I will be looking forward to our next session and future cooperation. 

- Vladimir Diskanec, Siemens


The training was definitely the most interactive training I've attended. What I enjoyed the most was the way you challenged us to find more about ourselves and about the areas we need to improve. I am also very thankful for the fact that you gave feedback to each of us, individually.

The atmosphere you created in the training room through the three days was really encouraging to express ourselves and to communicate with others without any restraint. The training was very well structured and I enjoyed the fact that every theoretical information was immediately put into practice. Your energy and good vibe is awesome!I enjoyed that you shared your experience with us in a funny manner. :)

Gloria Vasile, Siemens


Thank you for the great experience and I am happy that we will have the chance to repeat it in May 2017. 


"Peter is a very diligent person with a constantly positive approach. I have had the chance to cooperate with him in English lessons as well as the "Improving presentation skills" workshop. Lessons and trainings held by him are fresh, innovative and with positive outcomes. Because of Peter`s high level of empathy, he is able to effectively adjust lessons to the needs of customers and students."

Jaro Stolicny, AT&T


"Improving presentation skills: I`ve experienced a few communication skills trainings with Pete and It was always fun :) . He knows how to bring up important and valuable information in way you`ll like and enjoy.  He connects learning and practice so you feel significant improvement of your skills after his training. Thanks to his experience, he immediately knows what needs to be improved and gives you tips how to do it. I strongly recommend to attend his trainings if you have any doubts about the impression you`re making when communicating to people. If you`re scared of speaking in front of audience, then do not hesitate to sign up for his training, you`ll definitely not regret it."

- Petra Trnikova, AT&T


I have known Peter as an English teacher for more than 3 years. In both individual lessons and company courses Peter has always been very professional, innovative, entertaining and kind. His passion has helped me and my colleagues improve our language skills immensely. In addition, in our other field of our long-term collaboration - proofreading - Peter has displayed top expertise and flexibility. To work with Peter means to obtain the best quality in combination with a friendly approach.

- Lubomir Billy, Centire s.r.o.


Peter is a very skilled moderator and presenter. He has not only learned new skills during his time in our Toastmasters International club but has shared them with the rest of our members. He's always a great inspiration when he is on stage as he is passionate about what he does and he does things 110%. Toastmasters is about practising your speaking and leadership skills to improve every day and for me, Peter personifies this idea perfectly.

- Sona Michlikova, Toastmasters Bratislava president