Proof reading

The words you write down represent who you and/or your company are.  Are you  100% sure they give the meaning you want?

Everyone who reads what you write will form an opinion of you and your work. When working in a foreign language, it's especially important to be sure that what you write means what you intend it to mean. 

If you want to be sure, then get in touch.

It might be that you simply need a grammar and language check to ensure there are no embarrassing errors in the English. For that, there is a standard option. 

Should you need something a bit more special, consider the in depth option. In this your grammar and sentence structure is checked, but also the text will be edited, adjusted and even rewritten both to sound like a native speaker and to ensure you have the best possible image for your work.


The standard option costs 6 Euros per standard page (norma strana), which is defined as 1800 characters including spaces. 

The in depth option costs 8 Euros per standard page and includes the option to further discuss the final document to ensure it's exactly what you need. 

Please note that both options require up to 5 working days to be completed. Should you need something urgently, please let me know in advance and we can agree on how to manage it. Short notice work does incur an extra charge.