The view from Javorina tower the morning after I got some powerful marriage coaching.

The view from Javorina tower the morning after I got some powerful marriage coaching.

I generally dislike the phrase "life coach" as it always sounds close to arrogance as in the coach helps you from their "good" life position to get out of your "not so good" life position. My life is as mixed up and challenging as everyone's can be. 

Am I happy? Am I being a good father? A good husband? True to myself? Fulfilling my potential? Working too hard? Not working enough? Living the right way (whatever that means)? Living in the right place? What should(n't) I be doing with my money? With my time? How will I act to make the world better? What is the right way to face the difficult things?

 If I can't answer those things clearly, how would I expect to coach and help others get to a good place?

Now after coaching and helping dozens of people and receiving guidance from some truly caring and kind people, I've come to understand the power of providing an alternative perspective. What happens when I spend time with people is to give them a 'living mirror' that we use to reflect on life’s challenges. This has been done for me a number of times now and in case it provided a powerful clarity and direction to what I was dealing with. You can read about some of these examples on my blog.

 While I will never tell my coaching clients what we should be talking about, the following topics have come up more than once:

  •  What do you want with your life in the near and not so near future?

  • What kind of career do you have, what kind do you want and how can you get there?

  • How is your romantic relationship going and where would you like it to go?

  • What are your weaknesses and how can you work on them?

  • Why do you and your colleague/friend/family member keep arguing on the same topic and how can you stop doing this the same way over and over again?

  • Which options do you have to deal with a specific challenge at work and which should you choose?

 Essentially, we will spend time together and dig into your situation so that you come out feeling clearer on what you're facing, what options you have and the best way(s) for you to move forwards.