Hello, I'm Peter and the why that gets me out of bed every working day is to help, guide and challenge others to reach their highest potential. 

"Peter was a true leader and inspiration for all participants. He gave us no chance to stay average. Once again, Peter, thank you for everything. Your performance lifted me from the bottom back up. It brought new wave of energy to my office."

These words from a client made such an impact. I read and re-read the email several times throughout that day and couldn't stop smiling. It's addictive and enjoyable and when people get closer to their personal and professional goals, that's the success I'm looking for. 

This is what I do to live my why.


English &

Do you or your staff need to speak English for greater success at work? Does your message need to be written or improved so it sounds not only effective, but natural in English?

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Soft Skills Trainings
& Coaching

Your knowledge and experience gets the job done. Your soft skills get it done *effectively*. Develop your skills so that people have to say "Wow, they are great."

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& Moderator

Would you like a speaker and/or moderator who connects with, inspires and entertains your audience? If so, I would love to talk about how we can make your event even better.

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My happy Clients

Peter was a true leader and inspiration for all of us. He gave us no chance to stay average. In the most non-pushy way he managed to squeeze all of our potential out of us in every activity and exercise we did to practice the theory. With his passion, knowledge, talent, positive attitude and ability to listen he supported and motivated us to cooperate and help each other within the group. In the end, this was the most important thing for our personal development.
— Vladimir Diskanec, Siemens
He connects learning and practice so you feel significant improvement of your skills after his training. Thanks to his experience, he immediately knows what needs to be improved and gives you tips how to do it. I strongly recommend to attend his trainings in case you have any doubts about the impression you`re making when communicating to people.
— Petra Trniková, AT&T


Native speaker with 5 years practice in Teaching, Training and Coaching

As a native English speaker located in Bratislava, Slovakia, I have been providing corporate and individual training services for more than 5 years. "Principle Grounded Words" drives clients to reach their potential in ways that inspire and engage. Make a difference in the right ways 

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